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About Us

At Walk On, we believe that your wardrobe deserves to have a little bit of fun.

Don’t be confused - We’re not talking about the ironic graphic tee shirt kind of fun. (We think you’re better than that.)

What we are talking about are socks that make you stand out from the crowd.

Argyle patterns and cartoon mustaches don’t cut it for us. We adorn your feet with smart designs because you’re a smart person and a damn smart dresser.

Our socks will never scream “HEY, LOOK AT ME!”, but when you sit down at the bar, they’ll sure whisper it to the person next to you in their best Barry White impression.

We want to go above and beyond what’s currently out there. Not only will we wrap your calf with a design you can be proud of, but true to our name, we go the extra mile and put a fun print on the sole of every pair as well. You may think people don’t know it’s there; but truth is, it shows in that little extra swagger in your step.

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