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As winter approaches, most men have one go-to response to combat the chill in the air - throwing on a coat.  And it’s totally understandable, from an early age our parents engrained it in us with a myriad of warnings to the effect of “put a coat on before you go out, you’re going to catch a cold”.

While a coat is definitely an effective means of staying warm, you may want to mix things up from time to time.  This is where layering comes in.

More layers mean more options.  It’s a chance to break down the seasonal boundaries that have been holding your wardrobe captive.  Want to wear your favorite summer tee-shirt with your fall cardigan and winter blazer?  Go for it!

There’s not too many rules to follow with layering – just make sure you start with your thinnest layer and work your way out to the heaviest.  Even David Beckham wouldn’t look suave with a henley pulled over his suit jacket.  Other than that, if you can put your arms all the way down to your sides and walk a few blocks outside without getting too hot or cold you’re in the clear.

Check out the look we put together below for some layering inspiration.


WWW: Fall Layering

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Last week we gave you three laundry tips to save your clothes.  One of those was to only dry-clean your suits once a year, and with good reason – all those chemicals damage the natural fibers in your suit condemning it to a premature retirement.

On the other hand, the natural fibers in your suit trap dust, dirt and lint which, if left unchecked, can also damage the fabric over time.  So what is a boy to do?

Your grandfather knew, and Jay-Z even tried to tell you over a decade ago - go and brush your shoulders off. 

Until recent times men didn’t set foot in dry-cleaners.  What they did was brush their suits with a clothing brush after every wear – and that’s exactly what you should be doing.

A clothing brush costs less than $20, and a quick brush after each wear can extend the life of your suit by years.  Here’s how to do it.  In long sweeping strokes, run the brush up the length of your suit to remove any dust trapped inside.  Then repeat the process with downward strokes to give the material a fresh smooth finish.

That’s it!  With frequent brushing and the occasional trip to the dry-cleaners you and your suit will enjoy a long and happy life together.

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Watching the rain pour down our window here at Walk On Socks headquarters, it felt like the perfect day for a post on rain coats.

When we say raincoat, you’re probably pulling up a mental image of Humphrey Bogart.  That’s definitely one very stylish way to go, but we expanded the definition a bit to include a slew of styles that were unified by the fact they’re made of materials designed to keep you dry.

Whether you’re shopping for a bomber, trench or slicker, be sure to keep an eye on the materials.  You’ll want something that’s either water-resistant, such as waxed cotton and nylon (good), or waterproof, such as Gore-Tex (better).

Last but not least, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our new walk on water design in this rain soaked post.  You can still pre-order them for a 20% discount in our shop!

Enjoy, and stay dry!

WWW: Rain Coat Roundup

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You may think that you have the cleanest laundry this side of the Mason-Dixon line.  You’ve single handedly put your dry-cleaners’ kids through college, and have a Scrooge McDuck sized reserve of quarters destined for your laundromat.

But what if your zealousness is literally tearing your clothes apart?  Maybe you need to step back and listen to how they’re telling you to wash them.

Today we have three tips to ensure that you and your laundry have a great relationship for years to come.

TIP 1 - Check the tag

Easy peasy right?  Most clothes will have the care instructions laid out for you.  Hot or cold, machine or line dry – you’re all set.  And if it says dry clean only, be sure to listen…a suit put in the washing machine will never look right again. Ever.

But wait – what if there’s only these strange hieroglyphics?!  Don’t panic – check out the below for all you need to know:

TIP 2 – Flip it before you wash it

No matter how well you scrubbed in the shower this morning, you’re going to leave some sweat and grease on your outfit.  As soon as you take an item off, turn it inside out – it will help air-dry whatever dampness you left behind.

Bonus – turning your clothes inside out helps protect the outside during washing. We do it with all our Walk On Socks to keep them looking fresh.  

TIP 3 – Don’t over-clean

 You may mean well when you wash your jeans after every single wear, but the truth is….most clothes don’t need to be washed that often.  In fact, over-washing (and especially dry cleaning) can damage your clothes.

Following these timelines should keep your clothes both looking and smelling fresh:


 Button-down shirt — Never
 Sweater — 5 wears
 Cotton suit — Every two months    
 Wool suit — Once a year


 T-shirts / underwear / socks — 1 wear
 Button-down shirts — 1 or 2 wears
 Shorts and pants — 3 wears
 Sweaters — 5 wears
 Jeans — 6 wears

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Baseball teams have the World Series. College students have final exams. But for winegrowers, the ultimate test of the year’s efforts is the harvest.

As your local vineyards go about sorting and crushing grapes this fall, you may be considering paying a visit to sample the fruits of their labor from harvests past. 

This week, we’ve put together an outfit that will ensure you’re looking suave over your glass of Soave while sporting a pair of walk on all fours from our new collection.  And not to fear if you’re indulging (or even over-indulging) in reds – we’ve got you covered with a navy and burgundy palette to minimize the visibility of any potential spills.



WWW: Weekend At The Vineyard

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