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Shirt collars aren’t something that come up often in men’s fashion advice, but when you’re looking to create an outfit that will make you stand out from the crown the devil is in the details. 

Shirt collar options have branched out a lot in recent years with spread collars spinning off into medium and extreme spreads and the return of styles that had long fallen out of favor like the snap-tab collar.  For simplicity’s sake, we’re going to limit the discussion to the broad terms of narrow and wide spread collars and let you pick your favorites from there.

The general rule in choosing a shirt collar is to counterbalance your face shape with the aim of creating proportion.  You’ll also want to pair it with a tie knot that matches the width of the collar spread to complete the effect.

The Round Face

Someone with a round face generally has fuller checks and a shorter neck.  If you fall into this category you’ll want to opt for a narrow collar spread to give the perception of a longer more defined face.  The same concept applies to the tie – you should pair the shirt with a skinny tie with a narrow knot like the four-in-hand.

Here’s an example of Jack Black playing by these rules.

The Angular Face

This shape usually comes in two flavors, high cheekbones ending in a pointed chin or a longer face with a pronounced U-shaped chin.  Either way, people with this face type will want to wear wider spread collars to soften and widen the appearance of their facial features.  A full tie knot like the Windsor pairs well with these collars. 

This picture of Ashton Kutcher should give you the right idea.

The Oval Face

Folks that fall into this category are in luck.  Their faces are longer than they are wide with the cheek bones set at the widest point.  This symmetry affords a lot of flexibility in choosing a shirt collar allowing you to wear both wide and narrow spread collars equally well.

Will Smith is a good example of this.  Here you can see him in his ultra-narrow Men In Black collar and tie alongside him pulling off a wide spread collar with a Windsor knot.



The lead image gives you an idea of the collar types that fall into wide, narrow and in between, but it's by no means comprehensive.  Let us know your favorite in the comments!

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There was once a time when the only pants a man had in his closet were a pair of blue jeans, tan khakis and proper suit pants in gray and navy.  Thankfully those days have passed and a bit of color is now a welcome addition to a man’s wardrobe.

Now that spring is here, it’s the perfect time to lighten things up by trying out some colored chinos if you haven’t already.  While neons are good for some, subdued shades are a much more appealing option for most guys out there.  With that in mind, we made sure the wattage wasn’t on full blast in these seven Walk On Socks approved picks.

WWW: 7 Colorful Pants For Spring

Let us know what colors and brands you’re working with this spring in the comments!

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When it comes to looking good, a nice wardrobe is key, but being in good shape is even more important. With beach season just around the corner, you might be considering putting that new year’s resolution to head to the gym back into action. We’ve put together eight tips on gym etiquette to make sure it’s a pleasant experience for you and everyone around you.

No Posing

We get it, you’ve been to the gym every day this week and are feeling good about yourself. But all of the mirrors in a gym are there for you to check your form, not to reflect the flexing wonder that is you.

Air Drying Is Unacceptable

Again, we get it, you’re feeling good about yourself and comfortable in your own skin, and that’s totally cool. However, most people are at best uninterested and worst uncomfortable seeing you in your birthday suit for any extended period of time. Nudity in the locker room should be restricted to the five seconds it takes for you to put on your underwear…please tell us you brought underwear.

Dress Sharp

The sweat stained tee shirt stuck to the bottom of your pajama drawer does not make acceptable gym wear. You always want to look your best when you’re out as you never know who you’ll meet, even when you’re at the gym. A clean pair of shorts and a tee shirt is always a good choice.

Be Civilized

Try to keep grunting and yelling to a minimum. We know you’re working hard, but primeval screams should be reserved for those flipping monster truck tires or pulling freight trains…with their teeth.

Keep It Down

If you’re wearing earbuds with the volume on 100, you may as well be carrying a boombox on your shoulder. If you can still hear the music with the earbud an arm’s length away from you it’s too loud for the gym.

Clean Up After Yourself

Put the weights back where they belong, a scavenger hunt for the missing 25 pond dumbbell shouldn’t be part of anyone’s routine. And we shouldn’t have to say it, but always, always, always wipe down equipment when you’re done.

Respect Personal Space

If there’s a row of treadmills open, there’s no need to plant yourself directly next to someone else. Your neighbor will thank you for the buffer space then you’re both pouring sweat on mile ten.

No Cellphones

Unless the conversation ends with “I’m on my way to the hospital now” or “I’ll be there as soon as I get your bail money together” the conversation can wait till later. Talking on the phone is distracting to everyone else around you, and worse yet holds up people waiting if you’re doing it while on a machine.

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In honor of The Walking Dead season finale this Sunday, we dedicate today’s post to what to wear in the zombie apocalypse.  Even though the world will be going to hell around you, it doesn’t mean your fashion sense needs to go along with it. 

We stuck to an earth tone to keep you out of sight while hiking through the woods and kept the clothes functional to ensure that you’re well equipped to survive.

WWW: The Zombie Apocalypse

The Shoes - You’re going to want a good pair of waterproof boots – the only thing worse than running for your life is doing it soaking wet socks. 

The Hat – State trooper hats are so last season, but you will want a brimmed hat to shield you from the elements.  A leather army cap will do the trick and never wear out.

The Pants and Jacket – We opted for cargo pants and a field jacket as you’ll need an abundance of pockets to store your ammo and food stuffs.

The Shirt – Go for a military inspired button down to complete the commando look.

The Backpack – As many pockets as you may have, you’ll still need something haul around the rest of your worldly possessions in.  A leather backpack offers the durability you need and may just be the buffer that protects you from a biter sneaking up behind you.

The Belt – The purpose here is twofold.  First, you’re likely going to drop a few pounds from the scavenging diet and all the running.  Second, the western style will give you that air of machismo you’ll need if you want to be giving orders to your group.

The Socks – Obviously walk on the wild side.

Good luck, and see you at Terminus!

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Dark beers, and Guinness in particular, are often assumed to be high in calories and carbs. As Guinness lovers and avid Googlers we decided to put this to the test and were surprised by the results.

After researching 10 popular beers we discovered that Guinness was actually the second lowest in both calories and carbs. The only lighter beer was the only light beer on the list - we included Bud Light for comparison’s sake and it came in only 16 calories under Guinness.

Beer Brand Calories Carbs Alcohol %
Bud Light 110 6.6 4.2
Guinness Draught 126 10 4
Budweiser 145 10.6 5
Pabst Blue Ribbon 145 12 4.7
Corona Extra 148 14 4.6
Heineken 148 11.3 5
Coors 149 12.2 5
Magic Hat #9 151 14 4.6
Stella Artois 154 11.6 5.2
Sam Adams Boston Lager 180 18.8 4.9

If that wasn’t redeeming enough for you, a study by the University of Wisconsin found that drinking Guinness can also reduce blood clots and the risk of heart attack. They believe that this is because Guinness contains antioxidants like those found in red wine and dark chocolate, which are not found in other beers.

The “Guinness is good for you” slogan from the 1920’s actually had no medical basis. Customers simply told the company that they felt good after drinking a pint and the slogan was born. We’re glad the science has finally caught up to the marketing – drink up!

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