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Temperatures have plummeted across the US this week. Odds are that if you’ve put off buying a winter coat, you’ll be in the scouring the net tonight after your fingers have thawed enough to type.

To help you along your way, we’ve rounded up our favorites for this season. 

The times of drab colored jackets puffy enough to suit the Michelin man have passed.  Men’s coats now offer a wide array of colors, patterns and interesting hardware. You’ll likely be wearing a coat almost every day for the next few months, take the time to find something that conveys your personal style.

When deciding on a style, one quick way to thin out the pack is to think about what shoes you’ll usually be wearing with the coat. Running around town in boots or sneakers? Go for a parka or duffle.  All decked out in oxfords? Keep it classy with a long topcoat.

Enjoy, and stay warm!

WWW: Winter Coats

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Getting sick is absolutely no fun, but unfortunately so are most of the ways to avoid getting sick. Choking down horse sized doses of vitamin C, evading your colleague that never takes a sick day, slathering your hands with gallons of Purell…no thank you!

Fortunately, we’ve found four immune boosting activities that you can actually enjoy. Try these out and call us in the morning…

Get to bed

Research shows that our bodies need seven to eight hours of sleep in order to stimulate an immune response from our 'natural killer cells,' which attack viruses. So go ahead and hit the snooze button, it’s good for you.

Get to bed...Part 2

A study from Wilkes University in Pennsylvania found that people who have sex once or twice a week have stronger immune systems than people have sex less often.

Head to happy hour

A drink or two after work may help prevent colds. In one study, participants who had up to four drinks a day were less likely to develop colds than people who didn’t consume alcohol. The researches suggested that alcohol may limit the replication of cold viruses.

Enjoy a massage

Not only does a massage work out those knots, it also reduces cortisol (the "stress hormone") and increases immune response. In a 2010 Cedars-Sinai study, healthy adults who received regular Swedish massage over five weeks were found to have significant increases in disease-fighting white blood cells.


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With fall in full force, it’s time to bid farewell to our boat shoes and canvas sneakers and call in the cold weather lineup that can withstand the chillier climate.

Fall is all about leather and knit fabrics.  If you’ve already swapped your t-shirts for sweaters, it’s time to give your feet the same courtesy.  Look for leather and suede sneakers or boots, or stand out a little more with anything incorporating felt or tweed elements.

Here are our six favorites to give you some inspiration:   

Casual Shoes For Fall

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With beach season firmly behind us and holidays just around the corner, workouts have a tendency to drop off the radar this time of year.

To help you stay on top of your fitness game, we’ve found the ultimate excuse-busting routine.  All you’ll need for this full body workout is a chair, a wall and 7 minutes of your time. 

Just complete the following 12 exercises for 30 seconds each with 10 seconds of rest in between. You should be pretty wiped out by the time you’re done, but if you’re more advanced you can tack on another one or two circuits.

Don’t wait, and don’t over think it.  Just put on your sneakers and some good music and get down to business. It will be over before you know it, and you’ll be happy you got your workout finished in less time than it would take to walk to the gym.

Photo courtesy of NY Times

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Denim has become the default choice for a lot of men.  We get it – your favorite pair of blue jeans matches just about everything and feels equally at home with a t-shirt as with a shirt and tie. 

That said, variety is the spice of life, and truth be told – denim is a terrible material for fall and winter. It’s too thin to block the wind and doesn’t provide enough insulation to keep you warm.

Today, we’re covering 3 fabrics that will keep you feeling toasty and looking sharp as the temperatures drop.

1. Moleskin

Nope, not the actual skin of a mole. It’s sueded cotton  with a dense weave that’s great for fall/winter.

2. Corduroy

Corduroy often get a bad rap as the choice fabric for stuffy college professors.  In actuality, its thick pile makes it perfect for cold weather, and it offers a lot of versatility in style.  Cuts range from trouser to 5-pocket, with modern thin wales (distance between the cord ribs) to thicker more velvety ones.

3. Wool

The king of winter materials. Wool does an excellent job of trapping heat (it is after all what animals grow to stay warm). It’s also the most formal of the bunch – perfect for a day at the office.

3 Pants To Replace Your Jeans

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