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Our Samples Arrived Today!

12/19/13 4:13 PM


Today is a big day for Walk On Socks - we just received the samples for our first collection! 

Check out all of the pictures on our website, and stay tuned for updates on when they'll be available for purchase.

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11/20/13 6:46 AM

After many sleepless nights, our dream of becoming your preferred purveyor of swanky socks is one step closer to completion – is up and running!

Before we get into the wonder that is our site, you undoubtedly noticed that our blog is up and running too.  It’s worth noting separately, as it won’t just be about updates on my company (although there will be some because we're super psyched about it!). 

We're building from the socks up and making this blog your one stop shop for men’s fashion and lifestyle advice.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's post!

In the meantime, make sure to check out the rest of our site - here are a few highlights to get you started:

  • About Us – Get to know your new favorite sock company a little better.

  • Vote – We want to make sure that we're constantly delivering the best socks to our customers.  So who better to tell us than you?  We'll post our design ideas on this page and you’ll be able to give your feedback.  May the best sock win!

  • Shop – You guessed it, this is where you’ll be able to buy your favorite socks.
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2 Item(s)

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