From paper clips to lip balm, it’s amazing how everyday items can be repurposed to save you from fashion and grooming snafus.  Keep these five tricks in your back pocket and you’ll be able to MacGyver your way out of some tricky everyday problems.


The Situation – You’re down to your last razor cartridge and shaving has become a small torture.

Solution – Run your razor over a pair of jeans in the opposite direction you shave. A few strokes will give the blades a quick sharpening that lets you finish your shave in comfort.


The Situation – The sweater you planned on wearing tonight is completely pilled

Solution – Run that freshly sharpened razor over the sweater. The pills will come right off and you can lint roll them into oblivion.


The Situation – You make a quick stop in the restroom before your big meeting and manage to jam your zipper.  

Solution – Rub some lip balm or a graphite pencil over the teeth above and below the jam. Either will work as a makeshift lubricant and get you back on track.


The Situation – You packed the one shirt with incredibly long sleeves for your business trip and are feeling like a T-Rex.

Solution – Gather the extra fabric near your bicep and use a rubber band as a makeshift shirt garter to hold it in place. Put on your jacket and no one will be the wiser.


The Situation – You’ve lost your collar stays in the wash for the hundredth time.

Solution – A paper clip or trimmed coffee stirrer make excellent stand-ins when you’re on the run.