It’s a mess out there ladies and gentlemen.  This winter has left feet of snow in its wake, and spring promises to bring a fair share of rain.  One false step can (and likely will) sentence you to an uncomfortable sloshy stride for the rest of the day.

When you find yourself ankle deep in rain, sleet, or snow there are a few tricks you should know that can save your shoes.

Take them off!

Standing around in water logged loafers isn’t doing your feet or your shoes any favors.

Save them from salt

Sidewalks and streets are covered with salt in the winter.  While this is great for melting ice, it’s terrible for your shoes.  Simply wipe them down with equal parts water and white vinegar then rinse to stop salt from destroying them.

Fill em’ with the funnies

Stuffing your shoes with newspaper helps to absorb any extra moisture while maintaining their shape.

Freshen up

Once your shoes have dried, leave a dryer sheet in them overnight to dispel any residual mustiness.

Be prepared

Water-proof your wingtips with a pair of galoshes or a coating of sno-seal.