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Winter storm Juno may have flaked out in your area, but there’s no denying that it’s still cold out there. If you’re looking for a way to stay toasty without piling on enough layers to double as the Michelin Man, the answer may lie in Neoprene.

This high-tech fabric is the secret behind wet suits that let surfers catch waves in freezing temperatures, but more recently it’s been being picked up by fashion labels to create stylish and impossibly warm clothing and accessories.

There aren’t a ton of Neoprene options out there yet, but we did the legwork to round up some of the best available this season.

Enjoy, and stay warm!

Combat Cold With Neoprene


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The Northeastern U.S. is set to receive up to two feet of snow over the next few days. This could mean early morning shoveling and slushy commutes to work, but if you’re lucky, it could also bring back the ultimate childhood delight…A SNOW DAY!

We like to be optimists here at Walk On Socks, so we’re going to assume you get the latter and are set free from the daily grind of your workplace to do as you please. 

If you haven’t had the pleasure of a snow day since childhood, you may be wondering what to do. Will your neighbors judge you for picking a snowball fight with little Timmy next door? (HINT: they absolutely would…plus Timmy really wouldn’t stand a chance).

If you find yourself pacing the house in your PJ’s, we have five great activities for an adult snow day that will have you crossing your fingers for another 12 inches tomorrow.


It the first flakes started falling on grocery day, you may be stuck with a motley crew of leftovers. Luckily, those are the perfect ingredients for a frittata! As long as you have a few eggs, any combination of meat, cheese and vegies is fair game. 


Hot cocoa is the obvious go-to, but you may be in the mood for something a bit more adult. Try playing bartender for the day and mix up a few hot cocktails

Be Merry

A snow day can also make a perfect game day with family or friends. If the classics aren’t your speed, try mixing thing up with a newcomer like the always hilarious Cards Against Humanity.

No one around to play a game with? No problem! Use the alone time to binge watch a new show. Maybe catch up on The Walking Dead before it returns next month.

And finally, if you’re of the mindset that TV rots your brain, maybe kick back (in your Walk On Socks of course!) with a good book. We suggest A Short History of the World – it’s a great refresher on everything you forgot from highschool, covering the big bang to today in under 300 pages. 

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We normally like to post a mix of aspirational and attainable items in our What to Wear posts so that there’s something to fit everyone’s budget and taste. That said, with a little creativity (and maybe the help of a sale or two), you can achieve almost any look on a shoestring budget.  

That’s exactly what we set out to prove in today’s post. We tasked ourselves with assembling a dapper business-casual outfit on a $100 budget.  We were quite pleased with the result, but check it out for yourself!

Look Like A Million For $100

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The Girl Scouts are definitely shrewd group of entrepreneurs. January’s short days and sub-freezing temperatures are the perfect combination for a night on the couch.  And there’s no better complement to an evening of relaxation than a handful (fine…whole sleeve) of your favorite Girl Scout cookies.

But what makes the perfect complement to those sugary delicacies?  Sure, a cup of milk is the classic choice, but sometimes you’re just in the mood for something with a bit more kick.  With that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of the perfect adult beverage pairings to your favorite Girl Scout cookies:

Thin Mints

These are one of the strongest flavors in the Girl Scout cookie lineup. A sparkling Shiraz is perfect as its spicy but not overly sweet flavor profile will complement the chocolate while standing up to the mint.


A straight Kentucky bourbon is your best bet for standing up to the rich taste and mouth feel of this classic chocolate and peanut butter cookie.


The bubbles in Champagne are perfect for cutting through the buttery taste in shortbread. As a bonus, those crisp apple and lemon-zesty notes from Champagne are a great complement to this cookie’s flavor.


A dark porter goes great with this indulgent mix of coconut, caramel, and chocolate. The dark coffee and chocolate flavors will balance out the cookie's sugar while also highlighting the natural coconut flavors.


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Cold and dreary winter days make getting away from it all sound especially appealing.

Whether you're ducking away for two days of bliss at a B&B with that special someone or heading to the mountains to hit the slopes, we've got your packing covered.

Today's post features all the essentials you'll need right down to your Walk On Socks.

Happy trails!

Weekend Getway Essentials

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